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The prototype of D-Wave's next quantum annealing computer is on display.

 D-Wave, a quantum computing company, has made available a commercial version of its experimental Prototype - Advantage2 quantum annealing machine.

With its quantum annealing method, D-Wave is forging its own road to qubit processors. According to D-Wave, the current Advantage2 prototype has over 500 qubits. It's a glimpse of a much larger Advantage2 with 7,000 qubits that are expected to be available by 2024.

Customers with a D-Wave Leap cloud service subscription have access to the Advantage2 prototype, but developers who want to try D-Wave's Quantum cloud can sign up for "one minute of free use of the actual quantum processing units (QPUs) and quantum hybrid solvers" that run on its earlier Advantage QPU.

The Advantage2 prototype uses D-Wave's Zephyr connection technology, which the company claims provide better connectivity between qubits than its predecessor architecture, Pegasus, utilized in the Advantage QPU.


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