Lobe - A Free and No-Code Machine Learning Application

Introduction  Hey, in this article you’re going to learn about an interesting free machine learning application. This works without a single line of code, python, or R, No Programming language is required and there's no need to know any ML frameworks tensor flow, Keras, etc. Even cloud providers like Azure, AWS, Google cloud, and the internet are not necessary! Now there's a big question in your mind... Oh Really?   Yes, it exists... And one more surprise.   What?   Do you have an idea of which company produced it? ...    Even I was shocked on hearing that.   This is the first time in history Microsoft launched such an awesome free application. Called LOBE, this app makes machine learning easy.     What is Lobe? What can we do with it?   Lobe is a Free Desktop Application developed by Microsoft. Lobe makes easy everything you need for your machine learning ideas into machine learning models and you can use them in your production Apps. Whatever you want to train your machine le

An Overview of Ansible

By reading this article, you can understand an overview of ansible. What is it? Why we need it? Moreover its concepts. What is Ansible? Ansible is software mostly used for software configuration management (SCM), DevOps automation, and orchestration. Ansible simplifies the IT Operations in On-premises and multi-cloud environments so that System admins are love this tool to use because of simple installation and easy to understand concepts and play with YAML files. Why Ansible? Ansible is an Open source Ansible is very lightweight and no constraints regarding the operating system or underlying hardware are present Highly secure because of agentless and also ansible server communicating with clients by SSH Ease to understand the concepts by official documentation. No need for any additional skills except system administration Important Concepts of Ansible Playbook Playbooks are written in YAML format and have a minimum of configuration syntax. These playbooks consist of configurations, a

An Overview of Network Penetration Testing Using Legion Framework

In this article, I walk through you how to do pen tests on network systems without in-depth knowledge about network penetration testing and prior installation or configuration difficulties of different network modules like NMAP, SMBenum, SSlyzer, whataweb.   Let us see how legion will overcome, and how it is helpful What is Legion? Legion is one of the most famous open-source network penetration testing frameworks, which can execute vulnerabilities assessment tasks, to identify online devices in a network, collect nifty information of targeted devices, and expose the attacks against targeted devices. How it‘ll works? With the help of integrated modules that are most widely using in-network penetration tools such as Nikto, whataweb, sslyzer, vulners, SMBenum, NMAP, THC Hydra, Shodan, and also legion framework comes with 80 plus integrated modules and scripts to perform the network pen-testing. We can also integrate additional external tools and scripts How it helps beginner and how it r