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The newest version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.5 is out

 The newest version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux is out, delivers key container improvements and etc

Red Hat is also continuing to integrate its Ansible DevOps program into RHEL. RHEL's system roles now use Ansible roles and modules to configure, automate, and manage RHEL services. Its new or enhanced system roles include: 

RHEL system role for VPN: Reduces the time to configure VPN tunnels and reduces the risk of misconfiguration or use of non-recommended settings. Also supports host-to-host and mesh VPN configurations.

RHEL system role for Postfix: In tech preview for some time, the RHEL system role for Postfix is fully supported with RHEL 8.5. It enables administrators to skip the manual configuration of Postfix, automating how you install, configure, and start the server, as well as specify custom settings to better control how Postfix works in your environment.

RHEL system role for timesync: Uses a new Network Time Security (NTS) option as part of the existing timesync system role.

RHEL system role for Storage: Adds support for LVM (Logical Volume Manager) VDO (Virtual Data Optimizer) volumes and volume sizes that can be expressed as a percentage of the pool's total size.


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