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SUSE releases its first version of Rancher "Rancher 2.6" after the acquisition of Rancher.

This version includes redesigned platform experience with an improved user interface, full lifecycle management of hosted Kubernetes clusters in Microsoft AKS and Google GKE alongside existing Amazon EKS capabilities, and various new security, risk, and compliance features.

As more enterprises shift towards a multi-cloud or hybrid IT strategy, Kubernetes environments become more complex. Kubernetes management platforms like SUSE Rancher continue to play a vital role in helping IT operators and developers alike to navigate and scale their organization’s environment. Although we knew our users loved Rancher’s intuitive user experience, there was still room for improvement, especially as use cases became increasingly complex.

Building on the strengths from our earlier designs and listening to our customer feedback, the release of SUSE Rancher 2.6 today includes a redesigned new platform experience for all users – whether they are managing one cluster or thousands across multi-environments. The new SUSE Rancher platform comes with a clean and crisp user interface, designed to reduce visual noise significantly and cognitive load for operators to help them save time and resources when managing clusters.

Workflows and navigation across the platform have been rearchitected to help IT operators and developers work with greater efficiency. For example, navigation to cluster explorer, marketplace and monitoring is now even faster using the new slide-in control panel. This simplified experience gives users easy access to critical functions like cluster performance dashboards and managing and deploying single and multi-cluster applications.


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