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JFrog acquires Israel based tech company Upswift for IOT and edge-based DevOps expansion

 DevOps software company JFrog has acquired Israel-based Upswift, a firm that makes software to manage internet of things (IoT) devices. JFrog will use Upswift's software to extend its DevOps management capabilities to edge devices. 

The Upswift acquisition brings new capabilities to JFrog customers, including dependency scanning, CI/CD, artifact management, and device software updates. It will also help to make connected devices more secure, JFrog said. IoT security continues to be a problem for enterprises. 

The integrated platform will enable developers to manage the software development pipeline for IoT devices from coding through deployment at the edge. It will also track software releases, including incremental updates, and will include the ability to update large numbers of devices, which are common in edge and IoT environments. 


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