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How to create PostgreSQL Database Server in GCP

In this article, I walkthrough you how to create a Postgres SQL server in GCP SQL 

Introduction: -

All you know about that leading public cloud providers are Azure and AWS, both are providing Database as a Service, like that GCP also offering Database as a Service in both SQL and No-SQL Database servers for customers and users.

How to create PostgreSQL in GCP SQL

Let’s start how to create a Postgres SQL Server in GCP SQL

Before going to start log into GCP Account 

To Create a Postgresql Databases Server→ Click SQL in Google services Pane

To Create a SQL Instance → Click CREATE INSTANCE

Choose which database you want → Click PostgreSQL

Fill the Configuration Details

Instance ID: - Give the name for the instance
Set Password
Select the Region which nearby you
Select the version of the Database server.
Click the Show Configuration options to configure more detail.

Expand the Configuration details

Click Connectivity → By default instance can’t access from the outside or external networks → to access the instance allow the particular IP or Public access to the instance → Click + Add network

By giving in network it will allow all IPv4 IP’s, we can access the instance from anywhere.

You can see it was saving.

To communicate with additional resources and API → enable Private IP and select Associated network (VPC network which you created or select the default).

You can see it was saving details to connect

You can also check from Private connections by clicking VPC 🡪 VPC Peering

Select Machine type and storage (core and memory)

If you are going to test or practice the instance select single zone 

If it is a production environment select the High availability, it will increase the cost.

Click to Add item to add database flags

Choose any one of the flags if required


GCP will update the Database every few months, so GCP offers us to select the day and time to restart your database it will not take more time.

So, select day and time, if your database is in production 

Give the key value to your reference in labels tab

Click create to create the database

GCP was creating PostgreSQL server.

Oh Great!!, PostgreSQL server was created successfully.

You can see the details and overview of created PostgreSQL.

By clicking Connections, you can see the connection details, and you can also see the database has been authorised to communicate with GCP App Engine.

To access the created PostgreSQL server, we can create user from here itself. 

You can also create database from here.

You can manage backups from here.

Also create replica for this instance

You can also have a look here to find, what are the tasks has been done. 

I hope you are enjoyed and this article was useful to you, to create a GCP PostgreSQL Server.

Thanks for reading this article.


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