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Jira Confluence Installation in Linux and Integrate with Jira Service desk

Jira Confluence Installation in Linux and Integrate with Jira Service desk


Jira confluence is a Document collaboration Software. It will help all teams to collaborate and share knowledge efficiently, users can create blogs and pages which can be commented and edited by all the members of a team in the Project.

For example:-

We can create a roadmap easily. We can also create notes containing a checklist, create a knowledge base and manage everything centrally. We can also attach files, like our excel planning and display it on a page for our convenience.

Confluence is also used as knowledge base, or wiki, that organizes and stores all of our information of the projects we can use it like, product requirements, or like minutes of meeting, marketing assets, design documents, etc. also we can easily integration with JIRA Service Desk. Hence, teams can create, collaborate and update their knowledge.


Download the atlassian-confluence-6.15.8-x64.bin file from the Jira downloads portal

Place the downloaded file in any location for example in we placed in Desktop


Login as root user and go to the Desktop where we placed downloaded confluence File atlassian-confluence-6.15.8-x64.bin


Change the permission or give full permission for the file atlassian-confluence-6.15.8-x64.bin using the command chmod 7 (Full permission)


After providing full permission to the .bin file execute with the following command

. /atlassian-confluence-6.15.8-x64.bin.


Follow the installer it will start to ask us to press some letters/number and Enter.

1. To install press o and give the Enter.

2. Choose the steps what we want to perform, to install newly press 1 for Express install and give Enter.

3. Make a note of Installation directory and required Ports number Press i to install and give Enter.

4. Installation will complete

Step 5: -

Enter the installed system IP with the port number in the browser

Step 6: -

Login into Atlassian Website and get an evaluation license or buy a license and add the key

Step 7: -

After adding the key give next and click integration option with Jira Service Desk and fill the Details for integration

Step 8: -

After providing the details Click next and finish the configuration.


Finally, we have completed the Jira Confluence installation and also integrated with Jira Service Desk after this we can create projects, space and collaborate.


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