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Static Website in AWS

How to create a Static website in AWS serverless options


This Article explain how to use S3 service to store our website files and make as serverless Static Website and by the help of Route 53 domain Routing we access our website using our own domain from anywhere.
Follow the steps:-Kick Start!!
Select S3 from AWS Management Console under the services

In S3 Dashboard Click Create Bucket in name of your domain which you want a publish static website

Type the domain name ( in Bucket name, select the Region which you want, create new settings for this bucket or select existing Bucket and click Next

Select and fill the details and then click Next

Uncheck the Block Public Access to Buckets Files because we need to access our Website from anywhere

 Check the bucket details and Click the Create Bucket.

Here we can see the Bucket and Upload the websites Files into the Bucket by Clicking the Upload

After uploading the files select all files and Click Actions and select Make Public because to access all our Website files through index.html. (If we give public access only for index.html means images and animations will not work)

Click Make Public

Click Bucket Properties

Click Static Website Hosting

Click the Use this bucket to host a website

Enter index.html in the index document field and error.html in Error Document field click Save.

We can see Bucket Hosting has been enabled and ready in Properties tab

Select Route 53 from AWS Management Console under the services

Click Hosted Zones in Route 53 Dashboard.

Click your Domain

We can see the Domain Dashboard

Create an Alias Recordset to route our website with S3 bucket
Click Yes button to Alias in the Right side Record set creation Tab, now we need set Alias The target for Domain Routing
In Alias Target Field we can see our S3 Bucket (S3-website) name click it

Click Create to create our Alias recordset

Now our A record Alias has been created

Then what is next!! Check out our browser now its working 

Finally, we have created one Bucket and makes as static website with our domain name and added the S3 Bucket for public routing in Route53
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